Software 4 Dentists have developed Bridge-IT using the latest development tools. It employs the new Microsoft .NET technology which is the latest platform for running Windows based applications. By using this framework, not only does Bridge-IT have a modern, usable and elegant interface, but it is also ‘future proofed’. That is, whereas other dental applications based on older technology are becoming more and more incompatible with newer Windows versions, Bridge-IT has been designed to take advantage of the latest operating systems such as Windows 10.

Latest Development Tools

32 & 64 bit compatibile

.NET Framework

Windows 10 Compatible

Minimum PC SpecificationsRecommended PC Specifications
ProcessorIntel Core 2 Duo series or AMD Athlon II series (or higher)Intel Core i5 or i7 series (or higher) or AMD A10 Series (or higher)
Memory2GB Memory4GB (or more)
Hard-Disk Space200GB Hard-disk space500GB Hard-disk space
Monitor Resolution17″ (1024 x 768)21″ (1440 x 900)

Network Specification

Whenever possible, we recommend a wired network for running Bridge-IT over your network.
Although Bridge-IT will work over a wireless network, we strongly advise against it. Bridge-IT requires constant network availability and a wireless connection will introduce stability issues., and be much slower!